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Welcome to the Aetheria Store!
Welcome to the server store! Here you can purchase ranks, perks, and an assortment of items. These donations go into keeping the server alive!

About the Server
Aetheria is co-owned by Kiwifruiit_ and WanderingLemon and was built from the ground up. The goal of the server is to cultivate a friendly community along with a safe place for people from all walks of life to have fun together. The server uses several QOL plugins including treefeller, claiming, shops, jobs, armorstand edit, custom crafting, and many others! Also trying to stick to a relatively vanilla feel gameplay-wise. We happily welcome you to Aetheria and hope that you enjoy your time here!

Additional Info
Items in this store can take a few minutes to go through. If you do not get what you paid for please contact an owner or server admin in-game or via discord. We will happily resolve the issue!

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