Welcome to the Aetheria Store!
Welcome to the server store! Here you can purchase ranks, perks, and an assortment of items. These donations go into keeping the server alive!

About the Server
As of 7/5/21 Aetheria has officially opened for its second season! And with that comes tons of new and exciting things to do! Not only are all of the 1.17 items and mobs here we also have some new features like being able to get custom heads as well as tons of minor gameplay changes and even more custom recipes! We still use plugins like treefeller, jobs, shops, claiming, and many others that offer an experience that maintains the vanilla feeling while also giving a taste of non-vanilla features. We also have a server discord where you can connect with our amazing community even more! On there you can get info about giveaways which we do occasionally as well as any events that may be going on. We hope to see you around and that you enjoy your time on the server! - Lemon & Kiwi

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